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The Folk Gathering Sept 14 - 16 2018

Well! Didn’t we have a great time at The Gathering last year! All of the artists, comperes and volunteers did an amazing job and left our audiences with big grins on their faces. Everyone took up the vocal challenge and the rafters really did get a raising all weekend. In the words of one of the locals - "I had forgotten how much fun is to be had singing".  Too right !!  If you missed out on the fun, check out the comments from the people who di d make it. My thanks to you all for making the Gathering 2014 a very special place to be – and we hope 2015 to be even better!

We kicked off  our contribution to 2015 in April with  a great 3 days of our Spring into Peace Festival 2015.  

On 23rd April Mick Ryan’s folk opera ‘A Days Work’ was a great success at Stoke Rep Theatre.
24th April was the centenary of the start of the Armenian Genocide which we marked with  ‘Out of Darkness into Light’ - our specially written live documentary with songs and music which charted the history of genocide and war crime to the present day.  The following day, 25th April at Longsden Hall we ran our ‘Spring into Peace folk day which commemorated the centenary of the Gallipoli Landings. A very tiring but an extremely moving three days. Our thanks to all involved.

As well as having a wonderful array of guest performers over the three days we were also blessed with some excellent songs from our very own ‘Peace through Folk’ Choir which is really making a great sound. Click here for details and to hear rehearsal tracks. (we have a few vacancies)
             Next practices
7.30pm Wednesday 20th May with Penny Barfield
7.30pm Wednesday 17th June with Penny
1.30pm Sunday 21st  June with Lester Simpson
1.30pm Sunday 5th July with Lester
7.30pm Wednesday 15th July with Penny
1.30 pm Sunday 2nd August with Lester
7.30pm Wednesday 19th August – with Penny (TBC)
1.30 pm Sunday 13th September with Lester
7.30 Wednesday16th September with Penny
1.30 pm Sunday 27th September with Lester

Now we are focussed on the final details for the Peace Concert at Shrewsbury Folk Festival on 29th August
and  The Folk Gathering 18th to 20th September 2015.

A large proportion of the tickets for The Gathering have already been sold and the line-up for the Gathering is more or less complete. There is a distinctly North Eastern flavour to this year’s guest list which reflects our own enthusiasm for that part of the world and its special music and song. However the ‘Rest of the world’ team is well up for the challenge.

When did you last see The Wilsons, Tom McConville, Pete Morton, Mike Wilson  & Damien Barber, Barry & Ingrid Temple, Janet Russell, Bertie Draycott, John Morris, Birdscarers, Rick Ford, Nine Tenths Below, Jim Radford , Mark Robinson, Pete Shirley, Tom Perry & Clive Brooks Poacher, Paula Ryan, Peace Through Folk Choir, Brian Bull & Chris Algar, The Laners , and Sound Tradition all on the same bill ?!

If you are asking who is Bertie you are in for a rare treat! Paula Ryan was the winner of the Peace Song award at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2014 And many will remember the superb performance of Jim Radford in the Albert Hall

Also we have listened to the suggestions from last year. The programme that we are working on will ensure that even more time is given to everyone enjoying a good sing, not only in singarounds which will be hosted by guests but also in ‘Big Sing’ and ‘Wall of Sound’ sessions.

To allow space for this most of the concerts will take place in ‘Peace Tent’ which will free up the Hall.  We are also hoping to erect a new tent in the garden which will allow more space for singarounds, musicians sessions and open programme  DIY concerts when anyone will be able to put their name down to do a spot.  We will be producing the usual Peace Concert on Sunday afternoon. The theme this year may include references to Armenia 1915, Gallipoli 1915, VE day, Hiroshima/Nagasaki and more current issues as well as a healthy dose of celebration of peace, reconciliation and friendship.

The real ale bar will be in the servery area in the hall Catering will be well provided for - everyone’s Festival Food favourites Moor and Coast will be with us throughout the weekend and Sue Van Galen’s cakes will be much in evidence.

See you there!  Malc